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Who We Are

We are an Italian Mozzarella dealer based in Campania. Campania is the Italian region where Mozzarella was first and it is still produced according to a tradition dating back to the Middle-Age. Our business started in the 1950, as a family run business producing Mozzarella initially supplied only to the local market. After more than 60 years in the business, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and the expertise allowing us to choose and to provide our international customers only with the authentic Italian Mozzarella. Very often in the food processing business quantity is not synonymous of quality. We know how challenging it is to combine a large volume of production with traditional processing techniques and short supply of genuine ingredients. This is why we work with a network of small-medium factories operating in the Italian market. We have carefully selected each of our partners remaining true to our philosophy: there is no shortcut to excellence. Our company stands rooted in the beliefs of Tradition, Quality, People and Ethic; these are the four pillars underpinning our success.

Our Dairy Expertise

The expertise that OurFood possesses in the dairy sector is the fruit of our family passion. Our passion has been handed down across three generations of family members who have devoted their life to perfecting the art of processing and transforming the milk in the very tasteful mozzarella that we today propose to our customers. We started our business in 1950. Our history is rooted in a very small mountain village called Lettere. The village is located right in the heart of the Monti Lattari, a chain of mountains crossing Campania and known since the antiquity for the richness and quality of its milk. Indeed Monti Lattari stands for milk producing mountains. In the 1970’ we moved the family business from Lettere to San Antonio Abate so that we could operate closer to our clients. Eventually in 1990 we began operating in Angri with a modern factory allowing us to produce mozzarella with the highest standard of quality while still preserving our traditional production techniques. The experience gained in the business made us aware of the challenge that the traditional dairy factories are facing: reaching large volume of production while preserving the genuine flavour and the authentic mozzarella’s taste. This is why, in order to serve a larger customer base with genuine products, we have developed a new business model resulting in the aggregation and clustering of small-medium factories that we have selected on the basis of their suitability to adhere to the standards and product specification defined by OurFood. Today we are proud to offer to our clients an artisanal product guaranteed in what we call a “total quality” production chain that we can track down to the local milk supplier. The standardization in the production process which we have achieved is the result of a considerable investment of time and efforts. The trust and reputation that our family business has gained in the local dairy processing business over 60 years of presence in the sector has been instrumental in catalyzing and nurturing the response of our partners to our business model’s execution. We are honored to partner with local factories able to supply a mozzarella DOP compliant with the standards defined by BRC, IFS, SGS, KOSHER and HALAL certificates.

Our Mission

OurFood has one mission to introduce and initiate our international customers to the taste and flavour of the authentic traditional Italian Mozzarella. We have selected for you the best expression of the Italian dairy excellence. We wish to educate the taste of even the most demanding clients by supplying them with the best Buffalo Mozzarella DOP and Fior Di Latte Mozzarella. Buffalo Mozzarella DOP is made only with buffalo milk, and it has a local origin guaranteed by the DOP certificate; DOP stands for “Denominazione di OrigineProtetta” and it means Protected Designation of Origin. The Fior di latte Mozzarella is only made with cow milk and its authentic Italian quality is the result of an historical milk processing tradition dating back to the Middle-age. We are able to offer both products as Fresh Range products or in the innovative IQF/Frozen range

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